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Britney's Back


Let me level with you, while I am a huge fan of Britney Spears, I will concede that she hasn't had the best track record in the decision making arena in years past.  (If you are looking for a solid case of support of the previous statement, you should revisit the years 2004-ish through 2008.)

As much as everyone loves to rag on poor Brit Brit, the American public loves a comeback and Britney has exploded back onto the music scene healthier, saner, and ready to take no prisoners.  I was cautiously optimistic when she released Femme Fatale, but now that Harper's Bazaar has released the photos of her long-awaited spread in the June issue, there is no further question in my mind-Britney's back.


Honestly I don't think that she's looked better!  Welcome back, Britney!

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  1. love love love adore adore adore her! the pic are fantastic, i love the cover


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