Who, What, Wear - Happy Anniversary to me!


I am an incredibly lucky girl and my anniversary party only furthered that point.  Not only did Hubs do an amazing job at setting everything up, but my friends are absolutely fabulous and totally embraced my Barbie & Ken themed party.  Seriously, you know you have utterly amazing friends when, regardless of their preference, they dress up in craziness for you.

One of my girlfriend's gifted me with a vintage Barbie necklace, ring, and bracelet.  Basically, she rocks and they were the perfect accessory for my outfit.  Not to mention I FINALLY got to break out my yellow shoes. They are fabulously awesome, albeit a little uncomfortable.


Thanks for all of the input as to what to wear; I loved the responses!  I ended up going with the Lilly Pulitzer because, as Hubs said, I looked like a cupcake.  And what is more fitting with "Birthday Barbie" than looking like a cupcake.  (I am, however, totally keeping the Anthro dress- though it isn't exactly the color that the website portrayed it as, it's pretty fabulous and I am sure that I can find a place to wear it.)

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  1. HEART YOUR OUTFIT!! you look like a life size barbie doll!! haha.. i love your shoes.. they're seriously amazing!!


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