Tiptoe Through the Tulips


Being in Germany has found me a bit lacking in the inspiration department.  Perhaps I'm bummed that I am missing out on amazing weather in NC, or it could be that I blew the fuse in my hotel room today in an attempt to use my straight iron-which means my hair will not be in good form for the remainder of my trip. (In Hubs' famous words, "It was only a matter of time...")

Thankfully, I was reminded today that is, in fact, officially spring.  Which means all sorts of fabulous things, most of which is tulips.  A adore tulips and hopefully the thought of them will lead me to some great topics and memories of home.  Only 7 more days!

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  1. Not sure if you can get there or not, but in Amsterdam there is a place called Kuekenhof that is a tulip garden, the largest in the world! Its a fabulous trip, well worth the day1


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