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Etsy Favorites


Hi, my name is Chelsea and I'm addicted to Etsy.  Actually, I'm more addicted to gift giving and Etsy is my dealer.  I love finding the perfect, unique gifts for my friends and family (and, who am I kidding, I buy myself an occasional 'Happy Tuesday' gift.)  I have been able to find many an item on Etsy and would consistently recommend people checking the marketplace out.  Since Etsy is such a huge marketplace, I wanted to provide some of my favorite vendors with the hopes of making Etsy a little less overwhelming.

NYLightMetals is amazing.  I have bought several pieces of jewelry from this seller.  I have been keeping an eye on the Four Leaf Clover pieces.  They are a dead ringer for the Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Collection at a fraction of the price.  Her other pieces are amazing as well and are incredibly well made.

Storeyshop has beautiful hand cut paper cards.  I love the From this day forward  card.  It would be a perfect card to leave a wedding note to your future husband or wife to be on, and also a great engagement/wedding card.  I should probably warn that I have a love of stationary and cards that isn't normal.  I am willing to pay exorbitant amounts, but I do think that these cards are well worth the cost associated with them.

If it Wags offers well-made, custom dog collars and leashes.  In a search for a Burberry collar for our dog (Hey Burberry-get on the pet bandwagon!), I came across this seller who was making Burberry-esque collars.  When I received the final product, it did not disappoint.  And our pup loves it as well (or so I like to think).  Also check out Pinky's Pet Gear for custom made collars out of Lilly Pulitzer fabrics (among others).

All of the pictures were taken from the Etsy shop of the sellers.  

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  1. I'm definitely checking out If It Wags! Thanks for the recommendation.


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