And then there were two....


I wanted to take a brief respite from my usual fashion/beauty-focused posts to comment on one of my (shamelessly) favorite TV shows, The Bachelor.  Last night our Bachelor, Brad Womack, let Ashley go, leaving Chantel O. and Emily the last two vying for his heart or some semblance of it.

If you follow other bloggers, spoilers have been out there since the beginning that these two women were the final two.  Truthfully, I was surprised that Ashley lasted as long as she did.  Don't get me wrong, I liked Ashley.  I just felt that watching her and Brad together was a little painful (comparatively speaking, of course).  (And the rumors are already starting that she'll be the next Bachelorette.)  I'll be rooting for Emily, although I suspect that Chantel will be the final one standing.  Emily is from my hometown and let's be honest, she's pretty fabulous.  She's sweeter than the tea that the South is known for, a mother, has one of the best wardrobes on TV, and appears to be super down to earth and genuine.

Next up, The Girls Tell All (my favorite part of The Bachelor season) is on.  I cannot WAIT to see what crazy Michelle brings with her and for a full hour of the host of the series, Chris Harrison.  He rocks!

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