Rent the Runway


For all you ladies who love the runway fashions, but don't have the closet or pocketbook big enough support your habits, let me introduce you to Rent the Runway.  The website that allows you to rent dresses straight from the runway and high end designers for a fraction of the cost.  Membership is free and you can rent dresses starting at $50 for four days.  AND as if it couldn't get any better, they send you the dress in not just the size you order, but another size in case you aren't sure how the dress will fit you. 

I honestly don't think that it could get any better!  I hate wearing the same dress to events, especially events that there are a lot of photographs associated with it (weddings, dinners, etc.).  This website will give me a lesser expensive option than having the purchase dress after dress and only wear them one time.  Not to mention, it will cut back significantly on the closet space that I have to keep taking over-which will make my husband much happier ;)

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