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In my life, my hair has been many varying shades.  From dark to bleach blonde, I used to love trying new things.  As I've grown older (and apparently have more greys), blonde is becoming my go-to.  And as my hair stylist can attest, the blonder the better.  This comes with its own set of challenges in hair maintenance.  Typically the blonder you go, you have two things to tackle: dryness and brassiness.

DryBar Blonde Ale: Purple-based shampoos are so crucial to maintenance of a non-brassy blonde.  I'm a huge fan of DryBar generally speaking (could they please, oh please, come to Charlotte already?!) and their products.  It's crazy the impact that this type of shampoo has on your hair's tones after washing.  If you are throwing dough at your hair to get it cut and colored professionally, it's upkeep is worth it too.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Conditioner: They don't call this a miracle product for nothing.  I've used this for years and it continues to be my go-to straight out of the shower.  It's amazing for all hair types and I recommend it to someone at least once a week it seems. It truly instantly infuses my hair with moisture, leaving it soft despite my harsh chemical coloring habits.

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme:  Hello, my name is Chelsea and I have an issue with fly-aways.  Particularly recently has my post-maternity hair loss & growth have set back in.  This glossing creme works layered on top of my leave-in conditioner to smooth the top of my head without leaving it greasy or oily.  It's a must-have in my arsenal, though I use it sparingly and when needed rather than every wash like the other products.

Other tips:

+  minimize the frequency of which you wash your hair : it's counter-intuitive, particularly because I'm recommending a shampoo above, but interestingly enough, washing your hair too frequently not only can dry it out, but even with the best shampoos, fade your coloring.  I regularly use a dry shampoo (if your roots are already dry, I'd recommend using a dry mousse or conditioner) and I end up only washing my hair about once a week. (eek.)

+  minimize your hair's exposure to heat : when I do wash my hair, I do it at night and let it dry overnight.  Additionally, I try to not curl/straighten my hair a few times a week.  In between, I do a lot of braids which help keep my hair textured and slightly wavy. 

+ in lieu of a brush, try using a wide tooth comb to brush your hair.  Whether your hair is wet or dry, it decreases breakage and keeps your hair healthier.

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