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[For the record, my go-to for weekend outings to breweries]

If there's one thing that everyone is doing right now, it's going to breweries.  And honestly, what's not to love about it - local brews, good company, beautiful locations.  I'm all in on it.  A local media outlet posted a great story today as to what to wear to some local haunts here in the QC. The looks were gorgeous, but the prices....eeek.  Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of a good designer piece.  I also am a lover of the local designer shopping spots here.  However, I am also of the mindset that you don't have to spend a million to look like a million.  So to that end, I've put together similar pieces for less (most of which is on further sale!) if these looks inspire you.

[Total Cost: $276 // Compared to the below: $183]

This is a great easy-breezy look.  The jumpsuit in the article is via Madewell and they make a great product and the price point isn't bad at ($138), but why not find something for a little less.  The bow mule trend is huge right now and snagging them for $60 - count me in.

[Total Cost: $891 // Compared to the below: $213]

I live in my olive green jacket year-round (see above picture), but especially this time of year.  I embellish mine with brooches that I already have.  You can DIY your own with there (here & here). And y'all, these jeans - under $50!

[Total Cost: $2,173 // Compared to the below: $250]

Camo is everywhere right now and I'm not gonna lie - I love it.  You can get a dupe of this jacket ON SALE (for less than $65).

[Total Cost: $2,119 // Compared to the below: $550]

If there is one piece that is worth investing in, it is a good leather jacket.  I wear mine all of the time and definitely recommend it as a staple in everyone's wardrobe. Another piece that I'm loving are the sneakers.  I own this pair and they are a golden goose dupe for sure.

[Total Cost: $1,660 //Compared to the below: $223]

Dress are the Jesus-Nut of my wardrobe.  They are easy to throw on and you can easily dress it up or down.  I really am digging the idea of varsity jackets as a fun alternative to my tried and true jacket.

All of these looks are fantastic looks for Fall that can take you to breweries and beyond.  Definitely worth checking out regardless of your price point, but maybe with some cheaper options, you can put the extra funds back into beer. 

**All images are via Charlotte Agenda.  You can sign up to receive their daily newsletters on their website.

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