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First and foremost before I launch into this outfit post, I wanted to take a second and thank you.  Thank you for your support of my motherhood monday posts, but also in your response to the post on Monday.  As you might can appreciate, we all live our lives through a bit of a filter and I have definitely decided to live ours through a narrower one over the past few months since the birth of our daughters.  Whether that be for self-preservation or for the privacy of our family, it was also very difficult because I'm an open-book kinda person.  It was a bit daunting to provide more details that I was comfortable with, but I did so in an effort to help others who may be going through something similar or not-so-similar.  I hope it helped and I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate the outpouring of support we received not only as we were going through everything, but in response to yesterday's post.  You guys are, in a word, amazing.  Thank you.

And now, without further ado, a fun outfit.

[shirt // pants // kicks (love these) // sunnies (under $40)]

When you have a child, you have all of these grand ideas like, our house will not be swathed in primary colors or I will wear my old wardrobe no problem.  Though both are noble pursuits, you might as well throw both in the waste basket along with the thousands of diapers you are going through a day.  Because as it turns out toy developers know what kids developmentally need and like, which is why all infant toys are in primary colors and you aren't going to want to wear your old wardrobe of silk tops or embellished shirts so much because 1) spit up and 2) sequins scratch babies. In spite of this, I have to say, this top is pretty amazing.  The details, the peplum, be still my heart.  And though I can't wear it much while handling the ladies, come next year, when we are celebrating their birthday on Cinco de Mayo, this top is going to come in handy.  What can I say, I'm a plan-ahead-kinda-gal.

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