I actually laughed at the irony of the title of this post.  As anyone with children (or anyone who knows anything about children for that matter) can appreciate, after you have them, you never REALLY are well-rested.  Don't get me wrong, the length of time that you sleep does tend to increase as they age, but it's a different type of rest. In any event, whether people are being incredibly kind or they are being honest, I've heard a lot recently (with a tremendous amount of surprise) that I look well-rested for someone who has a 5 year old & newborn at home, with another newborn in the NICU.  I can assure you, I am NOT well-rested.  Since Lola was so small when she was born (4 lbs 13 oz), we've been adhering to a (quasi) strict every 3 hour feeding scheduling, leaving me up in the middle of the night at midnight, 3 am, and 6 am.  (If anyone needs a texting buddy during that time, holler).  That coupled with my daytime schedule of feedings and NICU visits, doesn't leave me a tremendous amount of time to 'sleep when the baby sleeps' (the go-to advice that every expecting mother receives from everyone they encounter).

In any event, prior to pregnancy, I picked up the NARS radiant creamy concealer.  Of this I attribute 50% of my 'well-rested' look to.  Seriously, I'm confused as to how I didn't make the leap to this before.  The other 50% of my 'well-rested' look I attribute to a healthy mix of caffeine (all.of.the.coffee.) and an awesome highlighter (I use this one too).  And maybe a dash of good genes and the ability to function off of little sleep.

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