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french girl swagger


[jacket // dress (old, but similar on-sale here) // kicks (similar) // baubles (here, here, & here) // sunnies]

Here's a fun fact about me: I love France.  I took French in high school (a completely useless language in today's day and age) because I wanted to go to France (and I had heard how beloved the French teacher was).  When I went to France for the first time in high school, I feel in love with it; the people, the culture, the croissants, the je ne sais quoi.  And as I've gotten older, I appreciate French women and their approach to life.  They live with such an ease - so seamingly effortlessly chic and prepared to take on the world.  Needless to say, you can tell me something is all the rage with French women and I am there.  Which leads me to this hair style - the banana bun.  It's sweeping the interwebs right now as THE go-to French girl hair style.  It's a twist on a chignon, but less structured, more devil-may-care.  So the other day, armed with this tutorial (it's a little tedious and somewhat obnoxious, but the best I found), I gave it a whirl.  The end product, I loved.  However, what I can to realize in the hours to follow was that 1) I am too Type A for a hairstyle who's cornerstone is on the premise that it should be messy and get messier throughout the day and 2) my hair does not cooperate for it either.  It's likely the perfect storm of me constantly messing with it because it feels loose and my hair being loose because it is SO dang thick and no amount of bobby pins will keep it up.

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