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If you follow me on snapchat (username: cmacmeekin), you saw towards the end of the week last week, I did a bit of an update on the progress we've made in preparing for the ladies' arrival.  To be honest, we've been a little crazy recently.  February was a huge travel month for both of us for work (as in between the both of us we were gone half of the month) and then March hit.  We realized that we really needed to get with the program so that we were were at least quasi-prepared.  I do have to say, this isn't atypical for me.  When we were preparing for Liam, Scott mostly lead the charge (thankfully) and he's doing it again this time (thankfully).  Apparently in all aspects of my life, I am planner, except for personal preparation for the arrival of babies. Who knew.

So all of this leads me to share where we are with preparation:

- Stroller - Done; we decided on the UppaBaby Vista.  Though it is painful from a cost perspective, from my research, it's really the best/easiest for twins.  I picked up a city mini double as well, so we'll see how both go.
- Nursery - Cribs and dresser are assembled, mattresses are purchased, additional seating is purchased and mostly assembled,  decor is in the middle of figuring out - Basically, I'll give it a solid 75% done.  Like most, this charge is being lead mostly by Scott.  He's a master builder when it comes to assembling furniture and space planning, but really, I'm fairly certain if let to my own devices, I wouldn't have even gotten a crib yet.
- Car upgrade - Last week we (or rather I, because Scott was always onboard) bit the bullet and got a mini-van.  It's actually a very nice car. I think that it will be perfect for our needs and I'm working on putting my big girl panties on about it.  At the end of the day, I recognize that we are incredibly fortunate to be able to have a safe, convenient car that will deliver our family around town.

Those were more of the big ticket items.  We decided to stay in our house for the time being.  We are still exploring the possibility of adding onto it, but at least immediately, we thought the addition of a move to our 'to-do' list might be the end of us.  (The sheer logistics of it all made my head hurt and would have put us in temporary housing until we found a house likely around the time of my due date)  And truthfully, it's not like we can't make it work for awhile in our current space.

In terms of my pregnancy, things are continuing to move along nicely.  I have an appointment today for my glucose screening (read: in which I fail miserably and get diagnosed with gestational diabetes which is uncommon for women carrying multiples.) so we'll see how that goes.  You'll notice I'm wearing more sneakers these days (I know it's as off-putting to me as it likely is to you).  This is for a few reasons: 1) I don't want to stretch out my shoes that I love with my swollen feet and 2) I fell towards the end of my pregnancy with Liam in heels (NOT because of them) and it's nothing that I want to repeat.  See, older and somewhat wiser.  Speaking of swelling, so far it's been minimal - which is nice, but now that I've hit the 6 month mark, I suspect it's a little downhill fast scenario.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy what I've got when I've got it.  Otherwise, we've reached the 10 week out mark; doctors won't let me go past 37 weeks and most twins are earlier than that.  It's a little crazy, right? My goal for now is to keep these ladies in as long as I can (any tips welcome!) and ride this pregnancy feeling-good wave as long as I can.

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