summer pops


There's nothing that I equate more with summer than a good popsicle.  The good news with that is it is also our son's favorite thing.  The bad news is that generally speaking popsicles are full of unnecessary sugars and though I try not to be a sugar nazi, I do try to watch his sugar intake (particularly around bedtime).  That's why when we came across zoku pop molds, I was stoked.  We've make them with coconut milk & with lemonade with fruit so far and my goodness they have been a hit.  So not only is it the quintessential summer time snack, but also a really fun activity that Liam can get involved with and get excited about.  As sharks and sealife is king in our household this summer, these were the obvious choice for us, but there are tons of more traditional or fun options.
And they are uber easy in the clean-up category. Easy activity, easy clean up, keeping little hands busy & happy - wins all around.

For our popsicles, we layered blueberries and strawberries into the molds and then poured lemonade on top.  Once the molds were filled, we inserted the stems, put them in the freezer, and voila!  Here are some other ideas for you as well!

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