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haute eats: fried green tomato pimento cheese eggs benedict


It's no secret that Martha Stewart, I am not. However, I enjoy a good meal and one that packs a big punch and is relatively easy in nature.  It's also no secret that I love a good eggs benedict and so combining a favorite breakfast food with two other favorites of mine (pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes) was a no brainer for me.  What I have to say about this recipe is, that it's high impact and actually quite easy to execute.  If you poach eggs frequently (or has aspirations of doing such), I recommend you snag this pan.  It's easy to use and makes egg poaching a incredibly easy.  Besides the right tools that make this recipe easy, I'm all about taking the easier road.  For example, the hollandaise sauce is actually a Knorr sauce packet; and I bake the bacon rather than frying (results are the same but it takes on less space on my stove top and is require less focus from me).  My opinion is behind every impactful recipe is an opportunity to do it easier and as I am still working on building my cooking prowess, it's all about baby steps, right?

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