top 5 beauty repeat offenders


When it comes to beauty products, I like to try new things.  However, there are some items which I keep going back to time and time again because they work and I love them.  In my opinion, given my penchant for switching up my beauty routine, when something makes it on my repeat offender list, it must wow me.

I'm ever in the pursuit of the best mascara.  Camps are split as to whether or not higher end designers are better versus drugstore brands, but I'm in love with Chanel's le volume mascara.  The coverage is great, it stays put, and adds volume and length to my lashes.  Bonus: Nordstrom has mascara events every so often (buy 2, get 1 free).

Truth time, I struggle with liquid liner.  I can never get both eyes even; I generally find them difficult to use; and basically I'm terrible at using them.  This Stila eyeliner is a no-brainer - it takes the guess work out of everything.  It goes on even and it's easy to duplicate on each eye.

I am a sucker for a good serum (the fact that there are two on my repeat offender list is evidence of that fact).  I've written about this one in the past and it continues to be my all time favorite.  The scent is divine and I swear it works.  My skin has never looked better since I have started using it.

It's a 10 is something that I've been using for years and my hair has never looked better.  So much so that my hair stylist is always impressed with the health of my hair.  It's truly the best investment that you can make in your hair (and it's barely an investment).  

ANR rounds out the second serum on my repeat offender list.  It's a great serum for night use and works so so well.  And the price tag is minimal in the grand scheme of things.

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