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Eugenia Kim Hat DIY, Straw Hat, Do Not Distburb

If you are anything like me, your pinterest boards are full of beautiful spaces, crafty DIYs, and recipes fit for an episode of Top Chef.  Pinterest is great like that - letting me be inspired to think that I am as crafty as the masses and that I do have the ability to cook at the level of an Ashley Christensen with a mere ironclad skillet and no training.  Can you sense my sarcasm? That's because most of my attempts at Pinterest-related items are epic fails.  I'm relatively crafty, but my bar is very very low.  So when I fell in love with a hat and then caught it's price tag, I figured - what do I have to lose? And what do you know, low expectations make for me being pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  It was actually so easy, in fact, that I thought I would share with you good people should you want to craft it up over the weekend.

What you'll need:
- Floppy straw hat with a brim at least 5 inches
- 3 rolls of sequin ribbon (4 ft each, 12 ft total)
- Glue (you can either use a glue gun (which I am horrible with - see above) or Elmer's XTreme glue which also happens to be washable should you get over zealous with your application)
- pencil
- ruler
- Qtips
- Scissors

How to:
Lay your hat out flat on a hard surface.  Mark off the area that you'd like to place your lettering (around two-thirds of brim of the hat).  If you'd like you can hand draw the lettering before putting down the glue so you can follow it; I did not do this because I had issues getting my pencil to mark on the straw itself.  Write out phrase of your choice in glue and begin to lay out the sequin ribbon over top of the glue.  (Tip: I started out at the end of the last word, which seemed to work well from a lettering perspective, as well as having the ribbon interfering with the glue you've already laid down).  Once the lettering is complete use the QTips to clean up the extraneous glue.  (If you use the glue that I did, you can use a little bit of water.  The glue itself will dry clear and not leave a trace).

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  1. This is a great idea!!! The only thing that needs to happen, is that they add wine bottles to the check-out section at Hobby Lobby haha! The hot glue gun and I are not friends!

  2. oh my gosh, this is such a cool idea!!
    Love it!

    Xo, Amanda


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