je suis bruxelles


Happy end to the first week of Spring folks!  The first week of spring has brought more spring-like temps, a higher pollen count, and therefore my need to up my netti pot game.  (BTW, have you tried them? I have to say, though gross, totally worth it if you suffer from allergies)  I'm also sure, like many of you, I watched in sadness at the events which occurred in Belgium this past week.  I had the opportunity to visit Belgium when I was in high school and still reflect on it as one of my favorite countries to visit - the people are amazing, as is the scenery.  Like many of you, when a tragedy like this strikes, I often wonder how I can help? Despite the ocean between us, there are some ways which you can support the victims of this: here is a list for you.  And if you don't want to click through:

Donate to the Belgian Red Cross (the website is in French)
Donate to Community Help Service (a 24/7 crisis hotline)

And on a lighter note, here are some items to bring you into the weekend around the interwebs that I am loving:

+ a pink house by the sea in France inspired by Christian Dior, obviously this is next on my must-visit list.

+ this recipe had me at bacon marmalade

+ do you ever get sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole?  Follow me down mine here, here, & here.

Hope you & yours have a lovely Easter weekend!

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