JCrew Holiday & my top 15


Happy Tuesday everyone! High fives for making it through Monday.  Now that we are all back in the swing of things, I thought I'd share my favorite season over at JCrew - holiday.  If there is one thing that JCrew does right, it is their holiday collection.  It's always classic, peppered with the right amount of sparkle and detail.  So today I've rounded up my top 15 pieces of the moment AND they are 30% off for you card members out there (CARDSONLY).

Hope you enjoy my selections & don't forget to share what you'll be transitioning into the holidays here!

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  1. NEED those sequin pants!! I'm glad J.Crew is finally stepping their game up!

  2. Literally everything I'm like...YES! I want that. I want that!! I think my favorite is the first sparkly shirt...super cute. (Also the tartan heels...love!)

  3. I am really loving these current options from J Crew.


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