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postcards from Disney


If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that we were quite the travelers at the beginning of the September.  First a quick jaunt to Hilton Head, which was lovely and then a much bigger trip to Disney.  I have to admit, I was 50/50 on how a trip to Disney was going to go with a threenager, but I have to say that it surpassed all of our expectations.  From the lodging (we stayed at the Grand Floridian which I highly recommend for a stay) to the experience in the parks to how much our little threenager enjoyed it.

We approached our first family trip to Disney with rough plans (e.g., designated parks per day, as well as FastPasses to the rides that we definitely wanted to hit), but ultimately were prepared to head back to the hotel and/or disregard all plans depending upon the weather, what was going on, and if we had reached our threshold at the parks for the day.  For that reason, we opted for proximity and convenience.  We stayed at the closest resort to the Magic Kingdom, where we knew we'd be spending most of our time given Liam's age and the amount of rides, etc; we rented a stroller through a service which dropped off and picked up at the resort; we did a meal plan; all of it.  I think by-in-large, it's really just a take it as it comes sort of scenario when you have young ones in the parks, but it seemed to work out well for us.  If anyone is interested, I'm happy to get into more details - our itinerary, logistics, etc.

Without further ado, the pictures (and a short video)

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