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postcards from Colonial Williamsburg


Over this weekend I took a quick jaunt up to Virginia to celebrate a lovely bride-to-be in Williamsburg, Virginia. After the festivities, I popped over to Colonial Williamsburg to visit a place where I spent a significant part of my childhood exploring the old streets and homes.   It's true, my family actually had seasons tickets to Colonial Williamsburg (nerd alert, right?).  I also was the very proud owner of an American Girl Felicity doll (I'm not even really sure if she still exists) and would bring her with me (dressed seasonably appropriate) to spend the day in Williamsburg with me and my family.  All of this is to say (besides the fact that I was such a nerd as a child), is that Williamsburg has a lot of very fond memories for me and it's such a lovely place to visit.  At any age, it steeped in such a rich history with beautiful surroundings, great food, and plenty of things to do. It's definitely worth a trip, but then again, I might be biased.

[white picket fences FTW]

[I could start an instagram feed of poor shoe choices]

[Bruton Parish Church is one of my favorite buildings on site]

[quite possibly the largest sunflowers I have ever seen]

[our own little Yankee Doodle got in on the action after I returned home]

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