microfashion: tiny TOMS


Shoes are kinda a thing in our household.  All of us, Liam included, love a good pair of shoes.  And usually, the brighter the better.  Liam has been wearing TOMS since about the time that he could walk.  Between their easy, slip on nature; their durability; and their straight up cuteness, they are a no brainer in our books.  They are shoes that we buy season after season as soon as Liam has grown out of his latest pair.

If you are looking to purchase, there is a great variability between sizes, meaning that while a 7 may barely fit, a size 8 is falling off of your little one's foot.  The good news is Nordstrom has identified this issue and they will insert a piece of cork under the sole insert the take up some of that extra room until your little's feet have grown.

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