Happy Friday + Link Love


Who's ready for the weekend?! I wish I could say that this weekend would bring warmer temps to the South, but (at least in my area) it is not.  With that being said, I plan to spend a good deal amount of time in bundled layers.  The good news is it's Oscar's Weekend! I'll be watching to catch all of the glitz, glamour, and winners.

+ NPH #FTW (PS - We share a mutual appreciation of the the movie Clue.  I knew we were kindred spirits)

+ a pretty, printable Oscar Ballot for your to use

+ I can't wait to see what this hush-hush performance is all about

+ take a stroll down memory lane and get up-to-date on the most talked about moments of last year's event and here too

+ snack ideas to nosh on during the show

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Great links. I am printing out the ballots right now. I hope you manage to stay warm.

  2. This picture!

    I haven't heard about the Anna Kendrick performance, but now I'm really excited about it!


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