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Like many people this week, I've been spending a lot of the past week remembering how Robin Williams, a man who I never met or remotely knew, had touched my life in such an impactful way.  When I look back on my childhood, I grew up watching Robin Williams and those memories of laughter, tears, and life lessons are so woven throughout my childhood that perhaps that is why I find myself so saddened that such a light like Robin Williams is no longer shining in this world.  All of this is to say, depression is a very serious problem that has for far-too-long been stigmatized.  Depression does not discriminate, it takes prisoners, it does not fight fair, often times it hides behind the face of 'alright' and 'I'm OK', and it is something that we all need to take part in making those who are fighting this battle breath a little easier, walk a little light, make their place in the world feel less alone.  Because they are not - you are not.  If you or someone you love is battling depression, or even worse, considering suicide, please help them seek help or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800.273.8255)

As I am sure there's no real good segway into another topic and in an effort to move forward and into our weekend, I'll also be leaving you with a few of my favorite things around the interwebs this week.

- Preach Kelly, Preach!

- As if I didn't love JGL so much already!

-THIS sweater is back in a ton of colors, go.buy.it.now.

- Kate Spade debuted their new swim line & it's everything you'd expect

- Men trying on Spanx - thanks for walking a mile in our er...undergarments!

- I'm starting to plan our family photos for the fall and am dying to try to find a way to incorporate this!

I hope you & yours have a lovely weekend! 


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  1. That love ball is so awesome! And I agree about that JCrew sweater...gorgeous!! Can you please pick all of my maternity clothes out? Ok, thanks! :)


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