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Nettiquette 2.0


In the ever-changing landscape of technology and it's applications to everyday life, it stands to reason that we'd all need a bit of a road map in the how-tos, what-to-dos, and what-not-to-dos.  Randi Zuckerberg just recently launched an online community, Dot Complicated, to assist in navigating these questions.  Randi certainly has the technology chops; despite the connection which her namesake implies, she's carved out her own place at the table.  I've heard her speak several times in a variety of different venues and interviews and I think that she brings a unique perspective on it all.  I loved her most recent tidbit from InStyle.

Being one who likes to think that my generations spans both sides of the technology gap in that we didn't all grown up with computers in our homes from birth, but we tend to be a bit more technology savvy than the average person, I've seen first hand how technology has enhanced and provided its own set of challenges in my industry, as well as personal life.  I've seen how the professional and personal lines become grey and blurred; it's something that surprisingly comes up more often than you'd think in discussions about how to work with clients, train staff, and personally, how to interact with those around you.

Whether your are in the old-school or new-school camp, what are your thoughts on the evolving landscape of how we interact with each other on both a professional and personal level? Do you have a sharp separation or do you think there needs to be?  Will you be following along on Dot Complicated with me?

image via Cyn Kain Photography for The Everygirl

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  1. That is really interesting, I'll have to check it out. I think being a mom, working, etc. makes it really difficult to "keep up with the times" bc I just don't have time! Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out :)


  2. I just quickly browsed the headlines on dot complicated and it seems pretty interesting so I subscribed. Thanks for the recommendation!


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