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[blazer: jessica simpson via nordstrom (similar + under $50!) // shirt: print liberation // pants: gap // kicks: manolo blahnik // baubles: michael kors, jcrew, tiffany & co // sunnies: ray bans]

True story about yours truly: In the 4th grade, I wanted to be the first female president.  Usually I let my kicks be the statement piece, but in this instance, I'll let my shirt do the talking.

All politics aside, I'm forever intrigued by people's political beliefs, so I'd love to hear from you - how do you choose who you vote for?

And better yet, what do you think of the Clintons? I bet you can guess which one is really my favorite.....

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  1. for starters, i just bought the tee but in black with white lettering. TWINS. Secondly, I'd give anything to have Bill back in the white house but Hillary is the closest we'll get so. Moreover, hell to the yeah getting a strong broad in the white house. Lastly, as far as political beliefs, I believe in living and let live. I don't care what others do but what they do shouldn't step on my rights or someone else's. That could be classified as socially liberal, fiscally conservative. But for the most part, I don't agree with having only two political parties. There's too much of a grey area that doesn't represent the majority of the American public and it pains me to vote for the lesser of two evils. For that reason, I didn't vote in the last election because I agreed with neither on a vast majority of the issues. To each their own. But Hillary will absolutely have my vote.

  2. Love those MBs!! Would I vote for Hillary? More than likely not.... I would LOVE to see a female President for sure, I'm just not convinced that she is the ideal candidate. Hell, I'm not sure if there are any ideal candidates out there haha! You have to admire her courage and strength to run for the Presidency though!!

  3. love the casual tee with the blazer and how the bright blue shoes brighten up the look! so fun!

  4. I'm going to pass on the politics and just get to my point. You look FAB. Those shoes and blazer. The tee is awesome too. See you on Sat!
    The Pumpkin Spot

  5. Love it! Love that blazer and shoes. Great choice of outfit indeed!


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