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Fashion Meets Chemistry


The Unseen, Fast Company, Laren Bowker

To say that I was intrigued by this headpiece featured in this past issue of Fast Company, would be an understatement.  Though incredibly unique, this piece has more potential than just a fashion statement.  The creator, Lauren Bowker, has created this in collaboration with Swarovski Gemstone by using synthetic magnesium-aluminum stones coated in one of her very own inks which reacts with heat and moisture (think Hypercolor shirts a la the 90s 2.0 and prettier).  Similar to a mood ring, the piece will change color, theoretically, where your brain is the most active.  Though it will reside at London's Victoria and Albert Museum next year, afterwards, several different universities will be working with the piece to compare its results against MRI scans.  The long term application could extend well beyond the healthcare industry.

Given the industry that I work in, it's quite a concept and a cool melding of the science and fashion world.  Would you wear a piece that could potentially highlight your brain's activity for all to see?

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  1. It looks and sounds extremely interesting and I would love to see it in person but I do not think I would wear it in public for all to see.


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