a year and a half


Dear Peanut 

It's incredibly fitting that you celebrate your year and a half in the world with the same date that marks our first unofficial month in Charlotte.  Our lives, like you, are constantly changing in new, exciting, and challenging ways.  And you have taken each new change, challenge, and development in stride.  I am simply in awe of how smart, perceptive, caring, and loving you are.  I am loving the 'I love yous', the open-mouth kisses, and the incessant giggles that you seem to have these days.  Even your haughty moments are quite adorable, even if you do have a stubborn streak that rivals my own.  (#likemotherlikeson) We simply can't wait to find a new home for us to grow into as a family and a new neighborhood to explore.  I love you so much! Happy year and a half!

xoxo mom

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  1. so cute!! Happy half birthday to him Jamie :)))

  2. Happy 1/2 Birthday to your cute little one!

    And happy 1 month in the QC! I love that city!




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