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Woman Behind the Brand: Jenna Lyons



Glamour magazine just named Jenna Lyons their Woman of the Year and I can't say I'm not surprise.  Jenna Lyon's vision has catapulted J Crew to a must-have brand and onto the global fashion scene.  Season after season J Crew has knocked it out of the park and into the closets of many fashionistas.   And Jenna herself, well, she's simply amazing.  Powerhouse, keen businesswoman, and mother to a 6-year-old to name a few highlights, she's basically what every girl wants to be when they grow up.  As if I clearly didn't have enough of a girl-crush, 770 Behind the Line has shared with us why Jenna is their woman of the year.

1. Because she’ll always tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth.
2. Because there’s no hiding how you feel—she can read your face like an open book.
3. Because she is strong in thought but kind in tone.
4. Because she’ll wear sky-high heels in a blizzard.
5. Because she’ll share her lunch with you during long meetings (and force you to accept).
6. Because she loves pulled pork and champagne. (Usually the former comes after much of the latter.)
7. Because she’ll turn on BeyoncĂ© and shoulder bounce with the best of them during a catalog review.
8. Because she’s one of the most generous people we know (especially with her time).
9. Because she calls her vintage Mercedes “the pope.”
10. Because she can always laugh at herself.
11. Because she challenges all of us to be the best versions of ourselves—sharper, focused and more confident.

And what's not to love about that.

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  1. i haven't read the article yet, but i've always liked her. esp after she painted her son's toes pink :D


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