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Party of Three


[Jacket: Cache/Shirt & Pants: JCrew/Shoes: Vince Camuto/Purse: Louis Vuitton/Sunnies: Chanel]

There's this little pizza joint in Raleigh that Hubs and I have been going to, well, for what seems like ever, but really it's where we went every month on the anniversary of our monthly wedding date for the first year of our marriage.  And every time we went, we ordered the same pizza - the 6th of every month without fail, a Dante's Inferno pizza.  

Last week, we did just the same, except with a third in tow.  It's so crazy to go back to a place that holds so many memories and is still the same, yet your life is so so different.  But we ordered another Dantes Inferno, ranch on the side, and Dr. Pepper - just like we always have.

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  1. love the color mixing!


  2. these pants are so perfect for fall! before you know it Liam will be joining in on the pizza & Dr. Pepper! cherish these little moments :) x


  3. i just bought maroon pants this weekend and can't wait to wear them! love how you styled them here


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