Go-To Fall Styling with Love Lipstick and Pearls


Next up in my guest blogger series is the fabulous Kristen from Love, Lipstick, and Pearls.  She's no stranger around these parts - she's guest blogged for me before. Kristen's take on fashion is really fantastic.  I love her style and I hope you enjoy her post!

Hello everyone! I'm Kristen from Love, Lipstick, and Pearls and I'm so excited to be guest posting for Chelsea while she's gone. She is just the cutest and always is on-point with the latest trends. Plus, she has the cutest little peanut, I love seeing her family posts!

My go-to fall outfit is really simple. I mean really simple. It's comfy and cozy, with just a dash of chic.

Skinnies + Basic Tee + Boots + Scarf

Pretty easy right? 

It's also easy to mix it up with heels, booties, patterns, and bright colors. I mean, just because it's fall it doesn't mean everything has to be muted right?

Here are some of my favorite pieces I've seen so far this season:

I'm really in love with all the fabulous colors and prints out this season, they're going to be so fun to mix and wear. Such rich hues that are easy to wear and will be fabulous with all of the stripes, polka dots, and leopard.

What's your favorite fall piece to wear? 

Thanks again Chelsea for having me guest post, hope you have a amazing vacation!

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  1. I have my eye on some burgundy skinny jeans for this fall- we have the same go-to look :)
    xo, Ann
    Glitter and Glaze

  2. thanks again for having me guest post!! xoxo


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