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Friday Eye Candy: Closeted Intentions


The true test of a relationship (beyond international travel and pregnancy) is cohabitation.  Specifically, the sharing of one's closet space.  I'd like to say that Hubs and I have survived that test with minimal collateral damage, but our closet space is precious and dwindling to say the very least.  In our next home (coming sooner rather than later), my ONE stipulation is enough space for a rocking closet.  And my inspiration? Check out these gorgeous pictures.





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  1. Cohabitation is definitely the true test and thats why I encourage all of my single friends to move in before they decide to get married. I would love to have a walk in closet, that is at the top of the list when we look for a home to buy.

  2. I saw a program on HGTV where a woman turned her spare bedroom into a closet. Room for a lot of shoes!! I just have 2 suitcases and rotate my clothes through there in between the work trips! :-)

  3. close/bathroom sets are the best- I use to have my clothes closet in my bathroom in my bedroom! hahah. the spoiled days :p

    cutesy blog! I hope you can visit mine too! we should follow each other! let me know what you think, dear!

    God bless

  4. great blog!!! following you now...

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  5. omg, those closets are amazing <3 I want one! In fact, I can't wait to grow old enough to move out and get one! A house consisting of a bedroom, closet and hallway/kitchen/terrace/anything else <3



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