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Trend Alert: Men-gagement Rings


For those in South America, the idea of engagement rings for men is not a new or different idea.  In fact, American celebrities, such as Michael Buble, have worn engagement rings as of late.  (He was engaged to an Argentinian).  However, this trend seems to be traveling north into the States and across the pond into Europe.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think that men encroaching on my territory is a little unnecessary.  I think that engagement rings should be solely for women.  I love the tradition behind it and I think that it is a special tradition that should be upheld.  I, personally, hope this trend doesn't catch on, but hey, stranger things have happened.

What are your thoughts? Do engagement rings solely belong to the women or should we be more open to equal opportunity when it comes to engagement jewelry?

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  1. there's a guy at my work who has a promise ring that looks just like a wedding band and he wears it on his ring finger.....i think it's weird.

  2. I bought Tim a nice ring years ago. He doesn't wear it on that finger, but he always said he wanted to "feel special". So he got his, I still haven't gotten mine (even though there is a huge price difference, LOL)


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