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This past week marked the half-way point in my pregnancy.  Which is totally insane and crazy and very very exciting.  Everything has been going so well (knock on wood) thus far and I'm stoked for the next few months.


I'm still mostly wearing non-maternity clothes as my pre-preggo clothes do still fit me (ish).  The trick is finding clothes that are 'pregnancy-friendly' because they allow you to still maintain some sort of shape (no tent shirts/dresses here) while still being comfortable.  I'm wearing the Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress in the above pictures.  I purchased it over a year ago and it's been a great transition dress.  If you don't own it-you should (regardless of your pregnancy status).  And I'm very happy to report that I'm still in my heels-A point that my doctors and nurses like to comment on EVERY time I'm in their offices.  Yes, I know my 5" platform pumps may seem a bit impractical to them, but they will have to literally rip them off of my feet before I give in.  But I digress...

[Bracelets: Blee Inara]

[Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Kimbow]

I did make the leap into pregnancy jeans-which was magical.  If I can give anyone advice on this, invest in a great pair of designer pregnancy jeans.  They are much more costly, but totally worth it.  I opted for a pair of Joe's Jeans that I actually wear in my non-pregnancy state.

Other updates around the Mac household, Hubs rocked out the half-bathroom renovation and I FINALLY have a bathroom downstairs to use again.  Walking up and down the stairs every single time I had to go was getting a bit obnoxious considering the increased frequency as of late. (TMI, maybe? Oh well.)  We (and by 'we', I mean HE) gutted the whole room to add tile, a new vanity, mirror, and fixtures.  We are still working on getting everything back in there, but it looks awesome and I am stoked about it. Easy(ish) upgrade!



Thank you all for all of the congratulations at our gender reveal! We are so excited and lucky and fortunate to have such amazing friends, family, and followers.

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  1. Congratulations. Baby boys are awesome. I have one who will be 2 in a few months. I also have a little girl and they aren't so bad either. :) The whole experience is incredible and tiring. I had to take a double take at your bathrrom because it looks a lot like mine which we gutted -- if you had a large vanity and burnt orange-red paint they would be twins!


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