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Green is the New Pink


With Earth Day quickly approaching, I thought I'd do my part and share with you folks some of my favorite brands that share a happy earth philosophy.  I'll consider it my part at cleaning up this planet since I still use aersol hairspray and only recycle when Hubs fishes my recyclables out of the trash. (Don't judge or at least keep your judging to a whisper.)

Neutrogena Naturals - Neutrogena has been long-known for their products.  Now they have introduced their own naturals line which is free of chemical sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, or phthalates.

Cover Girl Nature Luxe  - The tag line for CoverGirl's latest line endorsed by Taylor Swift is "Luxury touched by nature".  I'm not exactly sure what that means, but the foundation has gotten rave reviews.  This lightweight foundation has all of the synthetics removed and a light touch of cucumber added.

People Tree - A clothing line, backed by Emma Watson, is made with certified organic cotton & produced by Fair Trade Groups in 15 countries. There has been a lot of hype behind this brand since its release, but totally lives up to it.  A lot of the pieces are fantastic

Organix Haircare - Formulas for this brand contain organic active ingredients & are sulfate/paraban free.  I've used this brand in the past and I love it (especially the Moroccan Argan Oil collection).

Kate Spade - I know you were hoping I could make it through a post without mentioning Kate Spade.   I would say that I'm sorry, but I'm not really.  Kate Spade just released a limited edition bicycle in a fabulous shade of green.  What better way to green the environment than one of the original ways: Ride a bike instead of taking your car!

Starbucks:  Starbucks is offering up free coffee to those who bring in their travel mugs to any location tomorrow.  Starbucks is doing a fantastic job at working to be environmentally conscious.  Starbucks did the same promotion last year and more than 32 million patrons brought in their own travel mugs, keeping nearly 1.45 million pounds of paper out of landfills.

What ever you decided to do, I hope you do your part tomorrow and every other day.  Who knows, maybe I'll even give up my hairspray!

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