Sequin Emergency


I adore this sequin pullover.  I think that it is great whether you pair it with leggings and Uggs or a pair of skinny jeans and sky-high heels. 

Unfortunately, TSA does not share my love of sequins.  Apparently the sequins interfere with their fancy new full body scanners.  Clearly the engineers who developed this contraption did not factor in the interference that sequins may have on the images.  As a result, I was a recipient of a full body pat down prior to embarking on my trip to Germany (Try and hold back your jealous, I know).  For all the hype that full body pat downs have gotten, I was disappointed.  Sure, a little invasive, but I didn't feel as if I being put into a position that wasn't warranted.  The TSA agents were just being thorough in their job.  And maybe also got to second base, but I digress.

Random sidebar aside, I recommend that everyone buy this sweater.  Maybe just don't wear it through airport security.

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  1. um really? That's ridiculous. But good to know. At least you looked cute getting on the plane! :)


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