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Orange Crush


The weather in North Carolina this past weekend made me miss Spring even more.  Another thing that makes me super excited for warmer weather is the color forecast for this upcoming season: Orange.  Orange is a totally under appreciated color.  Having gone to a school that had Orange (burnt orange to be exact) as one of its official school colors, I should know.

Now I'm not going to get all crazy like and dress head-to-toe in orange, but a few of the items above, I definitely have my eye one.  I'm looking forward to using orange as not only an accent color with cute accessories or nail color, but also as a major clothing item.  There's so much to choose from I suspect I'll be having to clean out a portion of my closet to make room for my orange finds!

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  1. I LOVE ORANGE! Especially mixing it with gray or blue. Yummy!


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