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One of the biggest misconceptions about pregnancy is once you have the baby, you are able to get right back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.  Or at least that's what you hope/tell yourself.  Mostly because after 9 months (more like 10 for the 40 weeks) your body hasn't been your own, but what you neglect to realize, particularly if you are breast feeding, is that it is still not really your own for a little bit longer.  My biggest piece of advice to soon-to-be or new mothers is to be gentle and patient with yourself.  It takes a while to recover from child birth (regardless of the method) and it took you 40 weeks(ish) to cook the baby, it'll take some time for your body to bounce back. We aren't rubber bands afterall.  Which brings me to a point that I want to make - many of you likely saw this post on Instagram.  Though I appreciate the thought that I could bounce back THAT quickly, this picture was taken a while ago.  It was not my intent to lead anyone to believe that this was me 2-weeks post twin birth, but rather to highlight a print trend.  Trust me, I wish that I had the rebound rate of a rubber band.

In the meantime, I recommend that you find pieces that are forgiving and comfortable.  I like to opt for flowy dresses, especially this time of year, like this one.  Bonus points if you can grant easy access for feedings.  I'd also say that it's likely that I'll be rocking more flats for the time being.  Keeping up with 3 kiddos might be more of an endeavor than my heels can support immediately. And these guys, wow, under $30 and brilliant dupes for their Valentino cousins.  Totally worth the trip to Target.

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