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Happy Sunday! I don't know about where you are, but the weather here in NC has taken a gorgeous turn and we are currently experiencing the stuff that Spring weather is made of. We've spent the past week celebrating birthdays, planting new flowers outside (thanks Scott!), and hunting eggs in anticipation of next weekend.  It's been truly divine.  With all of these wonderful distractions, you can imagine I haven't spent much time with the interwebs, but there are some things that are totally worth catching up on.

+ I am such a fan of James Corden - this & this are some of the best I've seen yet.

+ If you don't follow Cat and Nat yet, you should.  And this couldn't be more true.

+ Jenna Lyons announced this past week that after 26 years, she's leaving JCrew.  Which is HUGE and this article sums up why we all love Jenna.

+Aren't we all searching for the holy grail of how to find balance? I think that this article has some good foundation ideas

Hope you & yours have had a wonderful weekend! Cheers to the week ahead!

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