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Happy Friday + Musical Moments (and a Nordy Sale!)


Happy Friday kids (and you're welcome for the above eye candy)! Things have been a little insane in these parts, but in all of the best ways - family time, travel, and work have definitely taken a front seat over the past few weeks.  I don't often talk about music on this site (mostly because my music interests palpitate between that of a tween and a 70 year old man), but as I was compiling some of my favorite links around the internet this week, I noticed all of them were musically related.  So without further ado, I hope you enjoy.

+ Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably been swept up in the Adele-mania that is the announcement of the release of her new album at the end of the month.  <insert all of the crying memes, instagrams of celebrities crying and THIS> #flipphone 

+ If you can't wait until later this month and looking for good new music, Sara Barielles' pop/musical album drops today.  Sure it sounds a little niche-y, but I dare you to watch her series and NOT want to hear some of these dreamy melodies (with Jason Mraz collaborating).

+ JT + CMAs are apparently a match made in music heaven.  I especially loved that he broke out this song (it's by far one of my faves).

Also, while you are rocking out today, don't forget to check out Nordstrom's Fall Clearance.  There are some great selections on designer names, as well as staples to carry you through out the cooler months.  (Run, don't walk)

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I have the CMAs recorded on my DVR so I can watch JT but haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet. I cannot wait for the new Adele album.

    P.S. We are hosting our Christmas card exchange again this year and hope you can join. The post is up on our blog right now but to join all you need to do is email us your mailing info.


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