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the truth about having it all


I talk a lot on this blog about my life which includes my family, my career, my list of extra-cirricular activities and the balancing act that is some times more successful than other times.  I think that the truth of the matter is where ever you are in your life, if you have a family, if your single and have a boyfriend/girlfriend and/or furchild, a job or a career, you are working in some sort of state of balance.  It's tough to achieve and even more difficult to figure out what works best for you and your circumstance.  And that's what is so important to achieving that balance, understanding that your circumstance, your experiences are your own and comparing them to others simply won't work and in most cases make your feel worse about yourself.

That's why the traditional definition of 'having it all' bothers me.  Mostly because I believe that we all have different definitions of 'having it all'.  For me, having it all means being able to participate in activities and build my life in ways that fulfills me.  It may not be your definition of having it all or even close to the text book standard, but I feel happy and I do feel like I have it all.  I can't say that I'm always successful at the balance part, but life is about practice, right? 

So what's your definition of having it all? How do you work to achieve balance in your life?

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  1. I think "having it all" means having a combination of all the things that you want to in your life. It doesn't have to be 100% of everything. Sometimes the focus may be more on work, or at time the focus might be on family, but working to have a little bit of everything and be happy with the balance is important. I feel like I have finally found a good balance of work, married life, my activities, and social life, so I'm looking forward to adding another variable to the mix in the near future. I'm sure that will require a little more juggling...

  2. Im loving your bottoms

    Im from linqia

  3. What a great post and such a true statement when you stated that comparing yourself to others lives can make you feel worse, its so true!!! I think having it all is just being happy with your life and feeling fulfilled with what comes in your life.

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  4. Good words! I think being content where ever you are in life is really making it... and 'having it all'
    Thanks for the wonderful reminder to keep counting our blessings!

  5. Well said. I couldn't agree more. Comparing ourselves to others is so destructive but also so hard to not do sometimes.

  6. I'm so with you on this, Chelsea! It's easy to get into the comparison game but I feel that it serves no purpose. As long as I'm doing what makes me happy and I have my family by my side then I have it all! I imagine that other's viewing in may not see my life the way I see it, but that's okay too! I believe I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing at this time in my life and that's really all that matters!

    P.S. I love Tia and Tamara's show, they seem so relatable, like they'd be really good friends to have a playdate with, lol!


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