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Tried & True: Chanel Eclat Lumiere


Since before mommyhood, I have been loving Maybelline Age Rewind Under Eye Dark Circle Eraser to combat the late nights and lack of sleep.  It has served me well, but after doing some research and now that I'm a bit older, I was beginning to think that I needed to break out the big guns.  I'd heard and read a lot of reviews on YSL's Eclat, but after some discussions with several beauty counter experts decided to give Chanel's a try.  I've been incredibly pleased with the results.  From what I understand the main difference between the two is the viscosity.  Chanel's is more tenacious than YSLs; however, I think that the difference between the two brands is pretty negligible and really based on personal preference.  I will have to say that both YSL and Chanel are pricer options to Maybelline, but fits my needs at this moment a lot better.  I'm definitely a convert.  

So you tell me, what under-eye concealer do you prefer? Do you worship at the house of Chanel or YSL or an entirely different brand?

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