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2012 Golden Globes


The theme of fashion at the Golden Globes this year: High Ponytails, Neutrals, and Headbands...oh my!!

Awards season is upon us...and I have to admit in my pre-occupied state of cooking a baby and getting ready for his arrival, I practically overlooked it.  What is wrong with me?!?!  Sunday's show did not disappoint (How can you not love a drinking Ricky Gervais?!) and here are some of my favorite looks from last night.

 Charlize Theron: In Dior and museum piece jewelry (way to up the ante!).  Some didn't like the bow, I thought that it was just enough.  

Emma Stone: in Lavin.  Loved the two-tone and the risk with the eagle belt buckle.  I mean how cool is she?!  

 Jessica Alba: In Gucci.  She's made my list for the sole fact that she is my post baby body inspiration, but I do love the dress and thought she looked fabulous.

 Lea Michele: In Marchesa.  I'm a sucker for a Marchesa dress.  This dress was incredibly out of the box for her usual classic look on the red carpet and I think she looked flawless.  Great choice and it got people talking.  Rachel Berry isn't in high school anymore!

 Reese Witherspoon: In Zac Posen.  Definitely wins the risk-taker of the night award for going so far out of her usual good-girl box and totally rocking it.  Reese is usually a favorite of mine on the Red Carpet, but I was stunned with how amazing she looks.  Marriage and happiness suits her well.

Sofia Vergara: In Vera Wang; "She sends me dresses that they zip and they close." How can you not love her?! And the color was absolutely gorgeous and a nice break from all of the neutrals

Elle MacPherson: In Zac Posen; She's kinda got a Benjamin Button thing going on and I want to know her secrets!

Nicole Richie: In Julien MacDonald; She looked absolutely flawless and I'm kinda obsessed with her bangs.  Not to mention the clutch is House of Harlow.  You have to appreciate a designer who stands behind her brand.

Claire Danes: In J. Mendel; How could you not love the back of this gown?? And overall, she looked stunning.

Even Rachel Wood: In Gucci; Anything with feathers and sequins, I'm totally in and all about.

So who made your list?? Are there any on my list you disagree with??

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  1. I love the mermaid gowns and Charlize looks fab!!! I love the bow; I think it makes the dress.

  2. I loved Lea Michelle's dress. It was definitely out of the box for her, and that is what I like to see at the Golden Globes!



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