Kenneth Cole Ad Campaign


We all have our own views and opinions.  I'm not here to preach one or the other to you.  What I am here to do is show you things that I think are incredibly clever, especially in the fashion world.  I have always been impressed with Kenneth Cole's ad campaigns.  I noticed their Fall/Winter 2011 campaign in my September issues and had to post on them; not because I'm trying to push a political or personal issue, but because I find Kenneth Cole's use of his position in the fashion world to draw attention to items that he feels is important incredibly interesting.  Whatever your views and opinions, it's definitely an interesting intermingling of two seemingly different worlds.

And for the record, I love hearing your opinions.  On this and anything else for that matter.  What do you think of these ads? Do you think I'm reading too much into them? Do you think that Kenneth Cole should just let his clothes do the talking?

[Photos: Kenneth Cole]

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