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A Girl's Best Summer Accessory



I know, you were thinking that I'd be making some comment about a fedora or sunhat.  Don't worry, that's coming later.  But before that does, I wanted to take an opportunity for a short PSA.  I don't like to use this blog as a platform to preach about things; I like to keep it light, fun, more like me.  But I felt that, for me, despite my knowledge on preventative health care, I was in denial about the reality of my situation.  I believe the saying is "Do as I say, not as I do." If anything, if this story convinces one person to make an appointment at their dermatologist, I feel like it was worthwhile.

Like many young women, in my high school/college years, I didn't give much thought to the health of my skin.  I tanned both outside and in tanning beds and didn't use nearly enough sunscreen (if I did at all)!  I have become much more conservative over the past few years, but, sadly, some damage had already been done.  During my last yearly dermatologist visit in April, (Thanks Mom for instilling in me the importance of a good dermatologist!), they removed a small mole, which as turned out, revealed that the cells were classified as severe atypia, with markers that indicated it might have eventually morphed into melanoma.  Before you guys get all freaked out, I'm totally fine.  I had a larger portion removed (stitches come out today) to ensure that all of the margins were clean (and they were!) and now I just need to be even more watchful of changes to my skin.  

Thankfully, it's not too late for me to continue to subscribe to the idea that the more sunscreen the better, apply early and often, and in lieu of real tan, opt for a bronzing lotion or self-tanner (expect an upcoming post on self-tanners) to accomplish that sun-kissed skin glow.  Here are some of my favorite products that contain sunscreen in them; you don't even have to think about-just use them!

And as promised earlier, below are some fabulous hats to wear throughout the summer to give yourself (and your skin) a much needed break from the sun!

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